Get Involved

A small step like donating one day of your earnings will make a significant difference to welfare of society. Join with us to erase darkness of despair.

You can associate with Sunrise Foundation in various ways (e.g. Help us in adopting a village).


Volunteers: Sunrise Foundation is looking for serious volunteers who can associate in different programmes and projects like adopting a village.

Educational Institutions, Associations. Confederations, Development organizations:

National and international organizations (educational institutions, development organizations etc) can partner with Sunrise Foundation under Alliances to further the development initiatives at grassroots level


1. You can be a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner of Sunrise Foundation.

2. Adopt development initiatives of NGOs supported by Sunrise.

3. Help Corporate establish projects under CSR.

4. Help Corporate devise CSR plans

Our Approach

> Organize, educate and empower the poor.

> Deepen the understanding of issues and solutions.

> Strengthen existing institutions, organizations and people.

> Bring together new people and resources to add new dimensions to the solution.

> Sponsor personality development programs for the poor